We believe it’s important to appreciate the little things.

Yanii started Restore Glow with the simple goal of appreciating the little things. Restore Glow was born out of Yanii’s own struggle to work through mental fatigue from her day to day life. She used candle making as a creative outlet and to make gifts for friends and family. What started as a hobby has now grown into a business, with Restore Glow candles being hand-poured in small batches. Every candle is handmade using ethically sourced materials from U.K. businesses.


Black & whilte image of Yanii, founder of Restore Glow.

At Restore Glow, we want to create products to help you find time for self-care without going out of your way. Whether it is the rush of an important deadline, a project for work or school, giving quality time to our families and loved ones, we all experience days when we feel drained and burdened with tasks. It is important to practice self-care on a regular basis as it contributes to living a better life by providing a positive outlook and peaceful environment.

We are focused on helping you restore your glow and become better connected to yourself and others. While our brand is inspired by the gift of kindness, it is our mission to help you attain inner balance so you can heal and reset your mental mindset.

We create all our products using the highest quality and ethically sourced materials. Our wellness candles are hand-poured using a vegetable blend wax which is vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, and paraben-free fragrance oils.


Our Artisan Bar Soaps are made in collaboration with another woman-owned business, in small batches with our own custom blends of essential oils and herbs. Each bar is hand-cut and cured for six weeks, creating a hard bar of soap that produces a creamy lather. And since we use plant-derived additives and no synthetic fragrances, our soap is vegan, cruelty-free, and gentle on the environment.

At Restore Glow, we want to send you a virtual big hug for doing your best. Our products are self-care and wellness tools, meant to brighten your day or remind you of a little win.